Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Recap of the SNHU Scrimmage

The Wildcats dropped their opening scrimmage 6-5 last night in Manchester against the Southern New Hampshire Penmen. The game was close the entire way with no team holding a greater than 2 goal lead. Here are just rapid fire, Monday Morning Goalie notes:

Who had Scott Lamay in their opening scrimmage first goal scorer pool? Good work Scott keep that train rolling.

We were 2-13 on manups and lost faceoffs 3 to 13...numbers we will need to fix before Arizona

We cycled in alot of defensemen with 9 total getting some time. The defense played well as a unit and had to deal with the SNHU offense a large portion of the time

Dan Milano needs to be respected as an outside shooter

Stokes doesn't seems to know what constitutes an illegal and legal stick.

We won the groundball and clearing war which are positive signs. No one will doubt our hustle between the restraining boxes

SNHU's pregame is comparable to a U2 concert

Our managers gps is broken

Garrett Buckley and John Ball's mustaches are coming in strong

Our new gray jerseys are ( as the kids say ) fresh to death

Good luck to SNHU this year.

Katz out

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