Monday, March 21, 2011

Only read this if you have four hours to kill in the Phoenix Airport

Despite the fact that it was 80 degrees all week, Mother Nature decided for some reason to have a snow storm in New England causing the Men's lacrosse team to be delayed at their gate for about 4 hours. Before I get to the recap of the weekend I have to explain the amazing event that took place between Coach Clark and I.

I was bored and hungry. I challenged coach to a game of 20 questions. If I won he had to buy me a bagel and a drink, and if he won then Scott Lamay got to pick out my wardrobe for the next social get together. For anyone who doesn't know Lamay he is built like Kevin Durant and wears jeans to match it. There are skinny jeans and there are Lamay jeans. The stakes were set and the rules were agreed upon. Here are coach's questions in order:

1) Is it a fictional charachter? ( no)
2) Do I know him personally? ( no)
3) Is he an entertainer? ( no)
4) Is he an athlete ( no)
5) Is he involved in media (no)
6) Is it Elian Gonzalez?

IT WAS ELIAN GONZALEZ!!!!! There was no foul play, because I hadn't told anyone who I was thinking of. The team went wild thinking about me rocking a deep, and I mean, DEEP V neck. It was LITERALLY the most shocking thing of my life. Coach demanded I blog about, and I think I had to. Just think about everyone on this planet and guessing one Cuban refugee from the late 90's. I now have to lose weight to prepare myself for those jeans.

The blog asks those who are above 21 to please drink responsibly.

Now on to actual lacrosse news:

We opened up with two losses to #2 ASU and #19 Arizona. ASU played like the #2 team in the country and cruised to a big win. The Arizona game was close the entire way through but one stretch in the third quarter where the Arizona Wildcats rattled off four straight goals proved to be the difference.

With one game left against #23 Santa Clara the Wildcats were determined to come back to Durham with a win. Well at the start of the fourth quarter it didn't look to good. We were down 9-4 heading into the final stanza. We stormed back to tie the game up 9-9 with a minute left. After a big stop by the defense we had the ball at the top of the box ( about 25 yards) we called a play drawn up by Evan Flower. The offense was to block the goalie as Evan was going to throw one on net and hopefully something would happen. Well I will save you the suspense and tell you somehow, someway, the ball found its way in the back of the net, giving the cats their first win and stunning the Broncos of Santa Clara in the process.

Here is the video of the game if you want to see the improbable goal. Fast forward to the 52 minute mark.


In addition to the amazing comeback and weather there is one other part that needs mentioning. Ed. Ed decided this week that he is the funniest kid on the team. When I asked him why he didn't score 15 goals against ASU so we could of won he responded " Coach didn't put me in, but it was probably a good decision because I don't think I would have played well." You can't coach that confidence.

Well I am off to buy a $7 dollar Men's Health magazine from Hudson News so I can read 10 new foods that shred your gut because, frankly, these jeans aren't going to grow.

Win #1. Cue The Music.

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