Monday, March 7, 2011

The Post We Are all Waiting For

Ok, So this post was supposed to be earlier today but due to some logistical nightmares ( my doctors appointment) it had to wait til tonight. This is the post where you the viewer gets to decide what Samurai Kerrigan's face will look like next week. As we all know, the WildKatz have been growing some 'staches for the past couple weeks. Not to be outdone, Samurai vowed to let the people decide what to do with his bushy, and I mean BUSHY beard. Lets meet the candidates...

The mustache- The classics are a classic for reason. This is meat and potatos for dinner, the Power I in football, and Dave Matthews on the radio in the summer. Timeless

The Mutton Chops- Can't you just see Samurai walking down main street with a musket and this little number

The Foo Man Chu- The only thing harder than spelling it is growing it. I awkwardly think Samurai would pull this off, my darkhorse in the election.

Lastly, and without a doubt the most insane. This has no name because it has NO soul. That's right folks, the often talked about, seldom seen ....HALF BEARD!!! Most men scoff at this idea, Samurai laughs at it.

Ladies and gentlemen, your choices for Sam Kerrigan's facial hair. Think it over and decide what do you really see a 22 year old boy rock. Pictures to follow.



  1. For real? How are you gonna post this last year:

    and then act like nothing happened on Sunday?

    13-6 Pussycats. Write that shit up.

  2. Half beard for sure

  3. Can we get an option for a facial hair ying yang... Cuz that would top the list fo sho.