Friday, March 11, 2011

WildChats II

No tricks up my sleeve. Lets meet Tom Nazarro or el pres as no one calls him.

As President of the UNH lax team, does a book of secrets actually exist?
Yes, it is in the Young Drive safe. Can't squak anymore.

If you were to compare your play to a Mighty Duck (fictional) who would it be?
I would have to say a blend of Russ Tyler and Kenny Wu...but not Chinese and Black

What is your favorite sandwich to order at Phillbrook?
Chicken bacon ranch, but the burrito bar takes the cake

Favorite Rocky movie?
The first one...only other acceptable answer is Rocky 4 ( I must break you)

Boxers or commando?
Sunday-Wed...boxers- Saturday...Commando

If you could have a rum bucket at the knot ( free advertisement) with anyone living or dead who would it be?
Tough question but Christopher Walken would have to be my choice

Do you know im still mad at you for calling me a fat sloppy goalie to your buddy the
other night?
I plead the fifth.

Do you like Rhino's?
No. What sound does a Rhino make though?

And the ceremonial last question:

If you could punch anyone in the face on the team ( besides me) who would it be?
Dan Hutchins who serves as the team VP and my roommate because of his general disregard for waking up to his alarm and his uncanny ability to be late to everything

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